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Circualr Shape 8mm Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector Male Female 3A Power Charging Connectors

Short Description:

Package including1 set (male and female)

Product Parameter:

CX-906-8mm male:

Spring needle + plastic + magnet + copper sleeve

Spring pin material C3602, gold plated surface

Black rubber core material HTN, high temperature resistance 260 degrees

Round magnet N52, material NdFeb, nickel-plated surface

The copper jacket is nickel-plated

Voltage 12V, current 3A

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CX-907A-8mm female:

Turning parts + plastic + magnet + stainless steel sleeve + silicone ring

The turning material is stainless steel 316F with gold plated surface

Plastic black HNT, high temperature resistance 260 degrees

Ring magnet, Ndfeb N52

Stainless steel housing, material 316F, nickel plated surface

Voltage 5-24V, current 3A



1.Please allow ±0-3mm difference due to manual measurement.

2.Due to the effects of shooting, the photos may not reflect the true colors, subject to the actual product.

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