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Dc-045b Power socket with DC output Product parameter

Short Description:

Product model: DC-045B
Metal material: Copper
Shell material: PPA nylon
Current: 1A
Voltage: 12V
Color: Black
Temperature range: -30~70℃
Withstand voltage: AC500V(50Hz) /min
Contact resistance: ≤0.03Ω
Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ
Inserting and pulling force: 3-20N
Life span: 5,000 times

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    Product Characteristics

    The DC-045B power socket is a high-quality DC power socket with stability, safety and high efficiency. It is widely used in various electronic equipment and industrial applications.

    The DC-045B power socket has stable and reliable DC output, which can be applied to a variety of devices. Its DC output has high precision and good stability, which can ensure the equipment to run for a long time.

    DC-045B power socket is easy to install and use, adopts advanced technology, simple and compact structure, does not affect the normal use of equipment. And its shell is made of heat insulation material, will not be easily affected by heat, to ensure the safety of equipment operation.

    In addition, the DC-045B power socket also has the characteristics of efficient energy conversion, it can convert the current into the required voltage and current, can greatly reduce energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction for enterprises.

    In short, the DC-045B power socket is a fully functional, stable, safe and reliable high-quality product, with the advantages of precise DC output, efficient energy conversion and a wide range of compatibility. It has been widely used in electronic equipment and industrial fields.

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    Application scenario

    Dc-045b is a widely used high quality DC power socket, its compact structure, easy installation, and has efficient and stable DC output and energy conversion capabilities, so it has been widely used in electronic equipment and industrial fields.

    The DC output of DC-045B socket has high precision and good stability, so it is widely used in LED lighting, industrial automation control, motor drive and other fields, which can ensure the stable operation of equipment for a long time.

    Due to its strong compatibility, the DC power socket DC-045B is applicable to different power supply standards in different countries and regions. Therefore, it can meet the actual requirements of various industrial environments. It is widely used in robotics, communication equipment, security monitoring and other industries.

    In short, DC power socket DC-045B is a DC power socket with high quality, stability and efficient energy conversion ability, widely used in the industrial field, for enterprises to provide reliable power supply guarantee, greatly reduce energy consumption, is of great significance to promote the development of industrial automation.


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