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dc power socket DC-036 Female socket black

Short Description:

Product model: DC-036
Metal material: Copper
Shell material: PPA nylon
Current: 1A
Voltage: 30V
Color: Silver gray
Temperature range: -30~70℃
Withstand voltage: AC500V(50Hz) /min
Contact resistance: ≤0.03Ω
Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ
Inserting and pulling force: 3-20N
Life span: 5,000 times

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    Product Characteristics

    The DC-036 is a high quality DC power outlet with a variety of outstanding features.
    First, it uses advanced design and manufacturing processes to ensure high reliability and stability. Second, the DC-036 is compatible with a variety of DC power supplies and electronic equipment, including monitors, power tools, etc.
    In addition, its installation is simple and beautiful appearance, with protective functions. The DC-036 is also a lightweight, flexible product that is easy to carry around. It provides a stable power source for electronic devices indoors, outdoors and on the road.
    All in all, the DC-036 is a powerful DC power outlet with high efficiency, beautiful features and is the ideal choice in the field of electronics.

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    Application scenario

    Dc-036 is a reliable DC power socket, widely used in a variety of electronic equipment. It adopts advanced design and manufacturing technology to ensure its efficient and stable power output.
    The DC-036 is compatible with various types of DC power supplies and electronic devices, such as surveillance cameras and power tools, providing flexible and convenient power interfaces.
    In addition, the DC-036 also has the protection function to protect your device from dangers such as overpower and short circuit. The socket is beautiful in appearance, easy to install, simple to operate, and very convenient to move and use. In family life, travel and other occasions, you can always use it to provide reliable power support for your equipment.
    In short, DC-036 is an efficient and safe DC power socket, which is the most worth buying for you.
    The DC-036 can also be used while traveling, allowing travelers to take it with them and charge their gadgets at all times. DC-036 has shown the characteristics of high efficiency, reliability and durability on various occasions, and is deeply loved and trusted by users. Overall, the DC-036 is a wide range of power outlets that can provide reliable, stable and secure power support for your various devices.


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