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MT-60 Male Female Bullet Connectors MT60 Plugs Socket Gold Platedt

Short Description:

Product Model: MT60

Type: male and female

Rated current: 35A MAX (12AWG/△ < 85℃)

Withstand voltage: 500V DC

Insulation resistance: ≥2000mΩ

Contact resistance: ≤1.0mΩ

Service life: 100 times

Salt spray: 48H

Protection class: IP40

Operating temperature: -20℃~120℃

Flame retardant grade: UL94V-0

Outer shell: PA

Pinhole parts: copper alloy, electroplating: gold plating

Product Detail


Product Tags

1. This product is a 180° outlet welded injection molded 3PIN joint, which can be equipped with a back cover and is arranged in a positive triangle, which is the current power lithium electric motor plug-in standard parts

2. It can be used in wire-to-wire connection scenarios such as motor and controller


图片6 When in use, do not exceed the rated current and voltage.

图片7 Do not use it when external forces are applied to the connector.

图片8  Do not use it in a place with high temperature and humidity.

图片9When opening the package, be careful to prevent deformation, bending, or ejecting of terminals.


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Balancing car              Electric scooter                  Twister

Balancing car              Electric scooter                  Twister


Telecontrolled aircraft     Telecar      Remote control ship      Unicycle



Electric vehicle          UAV       Traversal machine     Solar lamp

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