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Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector 4mm Male Female Power Charging Socket Connectors

Short Description:

Package including1 set (male and female)

Model: cx-4mm-jz

Type: Male and female

Magnetic diameter: 4mm


Male parts:

Wire length: 200mm

Wire: OD2.0mm,26# two-core enamelled wire + 250D, black TPE

Magnet: 4*3*2.2 nickel-plated, N52

Needle: 1.5*3.5pogopin, gold plated 3U

PCB: 3.5*0.8PCB board

Adhesive: TPE black adhesive material

USB: USB A/M 4P nickel-plated 24 hours smoke

PTC: 16-050 self-restoring fuse


Female parts:

Copper column is palladium plated for corrosion protection

The magnet uses N52 strong magnetic

The rubber material is PA46 high temperature resistant and can be returned to the furnace

Product Detail


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1.  magnetic connector, blind magnetic absorption automatic calibration docking for charging.


2.  Greatly reduce the number of plugs and removals on the equipment charging interface damage.

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