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Single Core Quick Plug Lithium Battery Energy Storage Connector 1500V/DC New Energy Terminal Connector

Short Description:

Package including1 set (plug and socket), orange ,red or black

Product Parameter

Model: E80 Energy storage connector

Rated voltage: 1500V/DC

Rated current: 120A (wire 25mm²), 150A (wire 35mm²), 210A (wire 50mm²)

Dielectric strength: 5000V AC (50Hz, RMS) withstand voltage for 1min

Insulation resistance: Test voltage 1500V DC, ≥500MΩ under normal conditions, ≥20MΩ in hot and humid conditions

Operating temperature: ‐40℃ ~ 85℃

Use relative humidity: 25℃, 5% ~ 95%

Storage temperature: ‐5℃ ~ 30℃

Salt spray grade: 144h (sealed)

Protection level: Before plugging, the plug and socket meet IP20, IPXXB. After insertion, IP67 is satisfied

Mechanical life: 200 cycles

Note: Socket M8 threaded hole, recommended torque: 7-8N.M

Product Detail


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Product features:
1, the connector insertion is convenient and fast, can achieve blind insertion
2, the positive and negative poles have key structure error prevention function and color vision error prevention function
3, 360° arbitrary Angle insertion, insertion can be 360° rotation
4. The protection level after connector separation meets IPXXB
5. The protection level after connector insertion meets IP67
6, double insulation protection to ensure the safety of the operator
1.Please allow ±0-3mm difference due to manual measurement.
2.Due to the effects of shooting, the photos may not reflect the true colors, subject to the actual product.


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